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Dengue info on this day. We must take more proactive steps to eradicate the breeding places of mosquitoes.

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How To Control Dengue Fever

Do you know that the fatal dengue fever is caused by a tiny mosquito? Well, a bite from the female aedes mosquito is the cause of the deadly dengue fever.

First and foremost, keep the inside of your homes free from mosquitoes. To do this, you have to use insecticides such as mosquito coils and sprays. These will help eliminate the mosquitoes in the house. Remember, that mosquitoes are most active at the dust. So, keep your windows and doors shut. Better still, make your home mosquito free by fitting nets to your windows. This will deter the mosquitoes from entering your home. Also, keep all water containers covered to avoid mosquitoes from breeding. To further enhance your safety, use abate to destroy the larvae.

As for your surroundings, get rid of receptacles that can store water especially rainwater. This is because the female mosquitoes lay their eggs in clear, stagnant water. Do recycle empty tins and bottles. In this way, you will not only save the environment but you will also be getting rid of mosquitoes. Also, dispose tyres and broken pots as they can be excellent breeding grounds for the mosquitoes. Besides, clear your drains regularly to avoid clogged drains. You should spray oil onto the surface of water to kill the larvae.

I hope that you are aware of how to prevent dengue fever. This is because "PREVENTION IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN CURE". Also, keep your home mosquito free by adhering to the tips that I have mentioned.